Last updated on 01st January 2023..

Applicable from 01st January 2023 to 31st December 2023.


- To become member of Rewards+ loyalty program, customers need to download Rewards+ app on App Store or Google Play and sign up account.

- To accumulate bonus points, members click "Scan receipt" section on Rewards+ app.

- The Rewards+ app is compatible with mobile phones having Android 7.0 or iOS 10.3 or later.



- Receipts must be from VND50,000 excluding vouchers & promotion programs, and issued by stores at Estella Place, excluding Bamboo Nail & Spa, Hanh Phuc Clinic, Quest Lab, Westway Dental Clinic, Buskute Tours, Digibox, Korean Eye Clinic, Top-up receipts from Starbucks & tiNiworld and Receipts paid using: (i) Rewards+ Bonus Point gift card, (ii) Any merchant's vouchers and discount.

- Receipts must be scanned within 07 days from the receipt date.

- Spending will be recorded into members’ account within 10 days. However, the confirmation on points accumulation can be deferred if receipts submitted by members require further verification.

- Receipts from event spaces are not accepted.

- Handwritten and duplicated receipts are not accepted.

- Bank slips (from spending by credit/debit cards) are not accepted.


With any receipts snapped into Rewards+ app for point accumulation, payments and purchased must be made by members themselves. Rewards+  reserves the right to reject point accumulation or block Rewards+ accounts immediately without advance notice, including but not limited to the followings:

- Members use receipts from other members to accumulate for their own accounts.

- Customer information on receipts is not the same as Rewards+ members’ account information.



Based on accumulated spending amount, members upgrade tiers:

‐ Silver: Less than 50 million Dong

- Gold: From 50 to less than 200 million Dong

- Platinum: From 200 to less than 500 million Dong

- Ruby: From 500 million Dong


With each tier, members will receive gifts respectively:


- Silver: Every 500,000 points accumulated can be exchanged for one VND 500,000 gift-card.

- Gold: Every 500,000 points accumulated can be exchanged for one VND 500,000 gift-card; VND 200,000 birthday gift card on birthday within 30 days from members' birthdays; 100,000 Rewards+ Bonus Points when upgrading from Silver to Gold; VND 200,000 gift card for Tet.

- Platinum: Every 500,000 points accumulated can be exchanged for one VND 500,000 gift-card; Exclusive Birthday Dining voucher worth VND 500,000 on birthday within 30 days from members' birthdays; VND 200,000 gift card when upgrading from Gold to Platinum; 1 set Exclusive Platinum Tet gift worth VND 500,000.

- Ruby: Every 500,000 points accumulated can be exchanged for one VND 500,000 gift-card; Exclusive Birthday Dining voucher worth VND 500,000 on birthday within 30 days from members' birthdays; VND 200,000 gift card when upgrading from Platinum to Ruby; 1 set Exclusive Ruby Tet gift worth VND 850,000.


Note: To redeem gifts, members have to present their IDs / Passports with app member code at Estella Place Information Counter, Level 1, 88 Song Hanh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.



- Members will redeem bonus point gift card valued VND 500,000 with every 500,000 bonus points.

- Estella Place gift cards will be used for payments at retail stores of Estella Place except: Viet robot, Swensens, Pizza company, Dairy queen, Nitipon Clinic, Legend art, BB Wellness, Bamboo Spa, Haidilao, E.Studio, Dunlopilo, Kiến Huy Farm, So Sweet, Westway Dental Clinic, Quán bụi. 

- Estella Place gift cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal.

- Gift cards can be used multiple time at multiple stores as long as it still has balance.

- Gift cards cannot be used if it runs out of balance.



Based on stores, areas and categories' receipts, members will receive bonus points after successful accumulation.

- Annam Gourmet, Annam Café: 0.4%

- Receipt of purchasing Estella Place Gift Card: 0.1%

- TopTen, Diamond World, Anne Hill, Legend Art, Top Art, BB Wellness, Viet Robot, SJC, PNJ, Gintell, Dunlopillo, Grand Bois, JANG IN, OSIM, Dyson, Refa: 0.2%

- Timezone, Apollo English, Auftdart Academy, tiNiworld, Yaya Kids Club: 0.1%

- OVS, Old Navy, Mothercare, Parfois, Levi’s, ACE Home Center: 0.5%

- Other retail shops excluding Bamboo Nail & Spa, Digibox, Digimap, Korea Eye Clinic, Quest Labs, Hanh Phuc Clinic, Westway Dental Clinic, Buskute Tours: 1%

Note: Accumulated bonus points will be converted from each receipt, point accumulation from combination of many receipts is not allowed.



- Members’ accumulated points will remain valid as long as they are active within 12 months from their last transactions.

- For Silver members, there is no time limit to point accumulation to earn higher tiers, provided that members are active within the 12 months’ cycle.

- For Gold, Platinum and Ruby members, their tiers will be reviewed and downgraded if they do not achieve qualifying spending amounts requested for respective tiers in 12 months from the month they earn their gold, platinum or ruby memberships.



- All qualified individuals from 15 years old are entitled to apply for Rewards+.

- Rewards+ is applicable to individual participants only (not groups).

- Estella Place will not be responsible for any technical failures/interruptions, downtime, internet accessibility problems, incomplete or inaccurate registration information, or other errors of any kind that may affect your usage of the Rewards+ program.

- Estella Place shall not take any responsibility in the event of any inaccurate or misleading information from customers during membership.

- Rewards+ reserved the right to reject, void, amend or cancel accumulated points, benefits and/or gifts, subject to refund and exchange policies of participating shops and due to suspected abuses.

- Accumulated bonus points, privileges and/or gifts are not valued for convertible to cash or transferable to any other person(s). In the event that the customer transfers to a third party, Estella Place shall not take any liability.

- Estella Place reserves the right to amend the point conversion rates of participating shops or add/withdraw any shops in the program at any time.

- Customers’ account information and privileges will be their own personal property. This information shall not be sold, transferred, or shared with family, friends or third-parties, or used for any commercial purpose (Privacy Policy)

- Each customer is allowed to own one account only. Estella Place reserves the right to suspend a customer and his/her account if the customer has more than one account has used the same for unauthorized, fraudulent, or illegal activities.

- Accumulated bonus points, privileges and/or gifts will be revoked, modified or canceled according to the exchange/refund policy.

- All complaints or disputes arising out of the terms and conditions of the loyalty program will be settled in accordance with all applicable laws in Vietnam.

- Estella Place reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the loyalty program at any time and at Estella Place's sole discretion without prior notice to the customer.

- Members acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and consented to these Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them.

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Saigon Centre Tower 2, P26-03, No. 67 Le Loi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Investment License no.3207306621 approved on January 03, 2023 by People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

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